Ex-GOP Official Who Accused Dems Of Voter Fraud Charged With Voter Fraud


The former head of Colorado’s Republican Party has been charged with voter fraud just months after he accused Democrats of the same crime.

A spokesman for Steve Curtis confirmed the February charges to the Denver Post. Curtis, who ran the party from 1997 to 1999 and now hosts a talk radio show, is also accused of forgery.

In October, Curtis said on his show that “virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.”

His ex-wife Kelly Curtis told Fox 31 Denver that, without her consent, he filled out, signed, and mailed in her ballot.

“I was livid over the whole situation, definitely,” she told the network. “I had no idea what would go on in someone`s mind to cast my ballot for me illegally, actually to go to all the trouble to forge my ballot.”

Kelly Curtis said that when she went to register to vote in South Carolina, where she has since moved, she was told she had already voted in Colorado. Election officials then compared the signatures on the ballot to the ones on her voter registration form and found they didn’t match.

The Colorado Secretary of State told Denver 7 that Steve Curtis is the only person in Colorado to have been charged with voter fraud this election.

Curtis said during the October segment that he was voting for Donald Trump, who has long claimed that voter fraud is a widespread problem in the U.S., despite ample evidence that suggests otherwise.

Earlier this year, the president claimed that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election, an allegation that he has still not been able to prove.

Curtis isn’t the only Trump supporter to have been charged with voter fraud. Terri Lynn Rote was arrested in October after she apparently tried to vote twice, the Des Moines Register reported.

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