Fox News' Steve Doocy Issues Correction For Obama 'Silver Spoon' Misquote (VIDEO)

Fox News' Steve Doocy issued a correction of sorts on Tuesday, saying that he had "seemed to misquote" a comment of President Obama's.

Doocy had drawn growing criticism over the week after Talking Points Memo caught him quoting Obama as saying "unlike some people, I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth" last Thursday in an interview with Mitt Romney. The problem was that Obama never said "unlike some people." Doocy's misquote was picked up in several major outlets. As the controversy around the error grew, Stephen Colbert even ran with the issue, mocking Doocy in a lengthy segment on his show.

Doocy did not apologize for the mistake on Tuesday, and, for whatever reason, only said that he had "seemed to misquote" Obama, not that he had actually misquoted him:

"Last week, President Obama talked about not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. That was interpreted as a big dig at Mitt Romney. When I was interviewing Governor Romney on this show, I asked him about it. However, I did some paraphrasing that seemed to misquote the president. So to be clear, the President’s exact quote was 'I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.' And I hope that clears up any confusion."

Of course, as HuffPost's Amanda Terkel has pointed out, Obama has been making the "silver spoon" comment for years.

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