Steve From 'Blue's Clues' Made A Song For Kids About Pooping In The Toilet

This video is No. 2!

We just figured out poo’s clues.

Late last year, The Huffington Post caught up with former “Blue’s Clues” host Steve Burns about his and friend Steven Drozd’s kids album, “/itunes.apple.com/us/album/foreverywhere/id1184894289","lnid":"Foreverywhere"}}">Foreverywhere.”

Well, now it’s finally out along with a new video for the potty training anthem, “OK Toilet Bowl.”

And ... this. Is. The. Poop.

Burns previously told us that after talking with child development specialists, he learned that defecating in the toilet was a big issue for kids.

“This is a song ... about courage,” Burns said.

Good thing for kids (and adults), Steve from “Blue’s Clues” is like Ex-Lax for fears.

“I am no longer afraid. I’m proud of the poop that I made,” sings Burns.

Sit back and relax as Steve drops some sweet knowledge while teaching us all how to drop a deuce. 

Like, did you know eating beets can turn your poo red? You can’t beet that. At one point, there’s even a poo haiku involving toilet paper that’ll make you go, “Aw, sheet!”

We’d call this video No. 1. But it’s more like No. 2. (Because, you know ... poop.) Either way, the new song teaches us if Blue can poo, we can, too.

Foreverywhere” is out now.



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