Steve Grand, 'All-American Boy' Country Hunk, Launches Debut Album Kickstarter Campaign

Gay country hunk Steve Grand needs your help to make his debut album dream a reality.

The independent Chicago-based singer-songwriter, who shot to viral fame last summer with the smash single "All-American Boy," is aiming to release his first full-length album in May, and hopes fans will contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to complete the recording.

"I believe that a good love song is a good love song," Grand notes on his Kickstarter page. "I believe that a song in which a man sings openly about his love for his man, or where a woman sings openly about her love for another woman, will have the world singing along one day. It might not be tomorrow. But it will happen."

In advance of the album's release, Grand has shot a poignant video for the new ballad, "Back to California," which pairs scenes of snowy Chicago with sun-drenched Pacific coastline vistas.

The "All-American Boy" album will feature 12 songs written by Grand and be produced by Aaron Johnson, who has previously collaborated with The Fray and Eve 6, among other popular artists.

Read more about Grand's Kickstarter campaign here, and be sure to check out the "Back to California" video above.



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