Steve Grand, Gay 'All-American Boy' Singer, Performs At New York's Bailey House Benefit

Steve Grand, the YouTube sensation who has been described as the first openly gay male country star, recently had his debut New York performance with a tender rendition of his hit "All-American Boy."

Performing in conjunction with the Bailey House’s STARS (Success Through Accessing Rental Assistance and Support) program for HIV-positive and LGBT youth, the event also included a silent auction and performances by Kelly King, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young.

"All-American Boy" tells the story of a gay young man who develops an affection for his straight friend -- the feelings of which aren't reciprocated. Grand previously told The Huffington Post that the song is based on personal experience.

"I was a 13-year-old boy [at camp]," said Grand. "One of my counselors was warm and strong and he took an interest in me — not sexually, but as a friend, and it really moved me. I remember leaving with a horrible ache in my heart."

Check out the video above to hear the live performance of Grand's hit "All-American Boy."

Can't get enough of Steve Grand? Click here to check out the live performance of his new single "Stay."



Country Music And The LGBT Community