Steve Grand's Take On Mariah Carey's Christmas Classic Will Melt Your Heart

We've got the warm and fuzzies for days.

Steve Grand surprised his fans with a early holiday treat this week: a spirited cover of the Mariah Carey classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." 

In the video for the song, the out singer-songwriter trims a tree, sips hot cocoa and gets cozy with a handsome gentleman (Trevor LaPaglia). Still, a twist ending suggests that things are not always what they seem on Christmas Eve.

Grand, 25, told Billboard that his version of the song is inspired by the arrangement used by Michael Bublé on the 2011 album, "Christmas." Though he first performed the song at the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation benefit in San Francisco on Dec. 7, Grand said that the self-released song and video project came together in just less than a week. 

"Last Thursday, I decided it was time I do something holiday oriented for you guys," Grand wrote on his official YouTube page. Crediting LaPaglia, director John Lavin and producer Nicholas M. Block, he added, "Two days later, the song was recorded and the video was shot, all thanks to the very talented group of people I pulled together." 

It also caps off an epic 2015 for Grand, who released his debut album, "All-American Boy," in March and spent much of the year on the road.

Talk about the perfect way to get us in the yuletide spirit! 

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