That Time Steve Grand Had To Clarify To A News Anchor That He's Gay

Well played, Steve!

Someone skipped over a possibly relevant bullet point... lol Today I went on live TV in San Diego to promote the show I'm doing tonight at Urban Mo's and to also talk about getting asked to the Marine Corps ball. The two anchor ladies on both sides of me were very sweet and cheery. They were great. About a minute into the interview I was talking about where I draw inspiration, and one of the very well intentioned anchors interjected: "poor women who date you, right?"After a few seconds of pause: "well.. No. I'm gay so..."I used the opportunity to talk about how no matter who we love, as humans, we all love the same... That our experiences are far more alike than different... Love is a human experience, not specified to one sexual orientation or another... etc. Immediately after that, the news woman to my right asked about being asked to the Marine Corps ball... by a man. As soon as we cut the segment I burst out laughing and let the woman know it was all okay. I understand they are meeting new people every couple of minutes and are expected to entertain and engage audiences all over the state so I don't post this at all as a criticism. If I was legit famous it would be one thing, but I still feel grateful for all the opportunities I am afforded to talk about my life and my work. This was just a silly moment I found to be pretty hilarious. Lol. #stayclassySanDiego

Posted by Steve Grand on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Leave it to Steve Grand to take a potentially awkward moment and, well, make it pretty great.

The out singer-songwriter, 25, appeared on a local news station (which appears to be San Diego 6, based on the onscreen logo) over the weekend to promote his Sept. 13 performance at Urban MO's, a "hetero-friendly gay restaurant," and the chat almost took a turn for the worse when the anchor inquired about his love life.  

Commenting on how several of Grand's songs like “All-American Boy” and “Time” describe heartbreak, the anchor said, “Poor women who date you, right?”

Grand seemed puzzled for a moment, but rebounded.  

“Uh, no, I’m gay -- so yeah, they’re, uh, it’s guys,” he said. “But it’s all the same really. It’s about the human experience.”

He seemed to determined to put the reporter at ease, adding, “I think that it’s good that people hear me and they may not even realize that I’m singing about guys, and I think that is a testament to the fact that we do really all love the same, we lose the same, we feel heartache the same and that’s what it’s all about.”

He later explained on Facebook that he didn't want fans to interpret his response as being critical of the journalist, and said that all was fine in the end,” he wrote. “As soon as we cut the segment I burst out laughing and let the woman know it was all okay.” 

Well played, Steve!  

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