Steve Grand Opens Up About Fame, Music And... His 'Unremarkable' Penis

"Young, good-looking, white, gay men -- we love to hate those people."

Deeming himself a "weird guy trapped in a douchey gym guy's body," Steve Grand showed off his sillier side in a new interview

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter opened up to PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi about his irreverent series of YouTube videos and whether or not he'd ever bare all for the cameras. 

"I'd rather not. But if someone was like, 'Here's a million dollars,' I would be like, 'Sure,'" he said. Noting that his manhood was already visible in earlier photo shoots, he added, "I don't think my dick is that exciting. It's just like, whatever. It's pretty unremarkable. ... It's very appropriately sized and shaped, that's what I would say."

Grand, who spent much of 2015 on the road in support of his debut album, "All-American Boy," also talked about the struggles of being an artist whose initial burst of fame was generated by a viral video

"I just know people have really, really low expectations of me and that's what the Internet does. I'm such an easy person to target," he said. "Young, good-looking, white, gay men -- we love to hate those people. But there's been a real person there the whole time."

He continued, "I don't have that high of expectations for the general public -- I mean, we don't even understand things that really actually f*cking matter, like, with this election. So why should I expect people to take the time to understand me?"

Check out Grand's cheeky gym video with model-actor Trevor LaPaglia. 

He also has no time for those who criticize him for showing off his chiseled body in photo spreads, music videos and, of course, on Instagram

"I take my music seriously. I'm a good musician and I'm a good performer, and I also like to work out my body and show it off sometimes," he said. "It's a fleeting thing; when I'm 50, I'm not gonna look like this."

Grand said he'll spend most of 2016 working on the follow-up to his full-length debut, which he hopes will be more "grown-up" and "stripped down." 

One thing fans shouldn't expect, however, is another video like "All-American Boy," which hit viral gold in 2013 partly because it showed Grand's character pining over a male friend who happened to be straight. 

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"I don't feel like making a music video about two guys is an act of rebellion," he said. "So, what am I saying now? That's the question I've been asking myself while making this music. It's gonna be interesting."

Head here to read the full PrideSource interview with Steve Grand. 

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