Steve Harvey On Why He'll Never Be The Next Oprah

"There will be be no more Oprah Winfreys."

Steve Harvey's made a name for himself in daytime television with three seasons of his wildly successful eponymous talk show, but he's the first to say that he's no Oprah. And according to the TV host himself, he never will be. 

"Everybody was pushing me to be her," Harvey told HuffPost Live on Friday. "'Man, we gotta find the next Oprah -- be more this, more that.' I couldn't."

Oprah is "a one of a kind," Harvey said, and is thus irreplaceable.

"It's like, Oprah -- you won't see another Muhammad Ali. There willl be no more Michael Jordans. There just won't be. ... There won't be no more Michael Jacksons. There won't be no more Elvises. There won't be no more Beatles. There just won't be some things no more," he affirmed. "There will be be no more Oprah Winfreys. That's a wrap. She was the king and queen of daytime television."

Despite the comparisons, Harvey says he is very different from Oprah -- and he's cool with that.

"I'm happy... where I am," he said. "I'm very content." 

Watch more from Steve Harvey's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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