How Love Renewed Steve Harvey's Relationship With His 'Creator'

The once homeless-daytime host credits his current wife for helping him discover "inner joy and peace within."

Steve Harvey was "a college dropout, a guy on his third marriage, a person who was homeless and lived in a car," the daytime TV host recounted to HuffPost Live on Friday, when "a woman changed all of that."

That woman was his current wife Marjorie Bridges, and it was she who gave the television personality the "inner joy and peace within" he needed to reconnect with his "Creator," Harvey explained, giving way to an awakening of his true self. He described:

I started talking to [God] more often. I figured he probably knew more about where I ought to go than I did. He started showing me some stuff and she [Bridges] started showing me stuff. ... [I] started developing a person inside of me that was able to come out. The real me was able to come out.

"I turned into a guy that was trying to help a lot of people and trying to put a smile on a lot of peoples' faces," Harvey added. "Ta da, here I am."

Watch more from Steve Harvey's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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