Steve Harvey Shares How Women Can 'Trick' Their Man Into Being A Better Lover

Note: it all must be done "in the cool of the night."

According to Steve Harvey, women are making two crucial "mistakes" in their attempts to educate men in the bedroom.

The daytime TV host told HuffPost Live on Friday that firstly, "bringing up a suggestion during the act" will not advance ladies underneath the sheets. More detrimental, he continued, is invoking anything that could be perceived "as a complaint."

 "Every man has [an] ego when it comes to this matter of sexual performance, bar none -- including myself," Harvey declared.

What women must do is approach their paramour "in the cool of the night, and you trick him into it," he explained.

But how exactly does that work? Watch Steve Harvey detail the process in the clip above, and check out his full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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