Steve Harvey Is Still Milking His Miss Universe F**kup In T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

This is how you cash in on a massive mistake.

Well, it's hard to forget, since he's milking it for all it's worth, which is apparently a lot considering Harvey appeared in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad that references his now famous fumble.

"I have to apologize -- again," Harvey says in the spot, rolling his eyes. "Those were last year's numbers. It says right here on the card T-Mobile doubled their LTE coverage in the last year, and with more LTE towers than Verizon, T-Mobile pretty much reaches everyone."

He added, "I'm not taking responsibility on this one. Uh-uh, Verizon got this one wrong. Yes! Not me."

OK, so it wasn't his fault this time, but its a perfect example of how to cash in on an otherwise completely embarrassing mistake.

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