Steve Harvey Shares Sobering Instructions For Interacting With Cops

The TV host got real about what to do when pulled over.

Steve Harvey used his TV show Thursday to give black viewers some soberingly useful advice.

The host held a town hall-style discussion on race and policing and, as part of the conversation, Harvey shared the tips he’s given his sons on how to interact with police when pulled over.   

“From the time I was taught how to drive, I was taught how to behave when I’m stopped,” he said. “I tried to give my sons a rule, don’t give them a pen to stick you with. Hands on the wheel, 10 and two. When he approaches your car, put your wrist on top of the wheel. Spread all of your fingers out and don’t do nothing.”

Harvey also instructed his sons to speak politely and alert the officer before any movement.

“Instruct him of every single thing you have to do. If you gotta reach in the glove compartment you do it with the other hand... And then you let the glove compartment fall open,” he said. “Let them put their light in it, whatever they want to do. Then you give them their information. Always speak politely. Refer to him as ‘Sir,’ do not raise your voice. Do not talk back. Submit to every single thing he tells you. And let’s try to get back to the house.”

Harvey joins a slew of black celebrity parents, including Holly Robinson Peete and Halle Berry, who have shared a concern for their children’s safety in light of police brutality in America.

Check out Steve Harvey’s useful segment in the clip above.



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