Steve Jobs Email Generator Lets You Create Your Own Reply (PICTURE)

Steve Jobs is notorious for sending email replies to curious customers and Apple fans.

Whether reminding people that he's only human, claiming dibs on the word "pad," or telling developers to change their apps' names, his terse email missives have been known to incite "ecstasy and awe."

But say you've got a question for Jobs and despite your (perhaps multiple) emails to him, the CEO just won't answer. What are you to do?

Joy of Tech has created a creative (and funny) solution: a Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator.

Customize your missive by choosing from a dropdown menu of options that specify everything from who you are to what you want to know to how you feel about Steve, then create Steve Jobs' reply (which includes the requisite "Sent from my iPhone" and "Sent from my iPad" options).

Check out a screenshot of the Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator below, then see our picks for the best Steve Jobs email replies of all time.