Steve Jobs' 11 Snappiest Email Replies (PHOTOS)

Steve Jobs' Emails (PHOTOS): The CEO's Top 11 Terse Replies

Steve Jobs, Apple's celebrated CEO, reportedly receives and responds to emails from customers.

It's a practice that Jobs suspended during his medical leave in 2009, but has resumed in earnest since returning to his post.

His usually terse responses to curious developers, Apple fans, users, or bloggers inspire 'ecstasy and awe,' writes the New York Times, which notes Jobs seems to have picked up the pace of his email replies. (Check out one reaction from an elated recipient of one of Steve Jobs' epistles: 'Oh my God, I am never cleaning my in-box again,' says a thrilled Devir Kahan.)

We've picked out our favorite of Steve Jobs' (alleged) replies. Send us one you've found--or email Jobs with your Apple-related questions and see how he responds! (His purported address:

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