Steve Jobs' Food Habits Revealed In Walter Isaacson Biography


Steve Jobs, the authorized biography of Apple's recently, dearly departed CEO, has already sold vast numbers of pre-ordered copies, spawned a special on 60 Minutes and helped prognosticators predict the future of Apple products. But an interesting piece by Entertainment Weekly's Tina Jordan shows that the book has insights in the culinary arena as well.

Jordan highlights many of the unusual food habits Job exhibited through his life. He was a fastidious, ascetic eater, who often survived for weeks eating just fruits and vegetables. He periodically tried eating just one kind of food for a period of time; in 1977, he ate only fruit. His diet became even more restrictive as he grew older. But quotes from the biography indicate that his asceticism wasn't the product of a lack of regard for food; instead, he had a very sensitive palate, and could be very particular about his preferences.

It should be noted that a great deal was known about Jobs' food habits before the book was a released. A 2008 piece in Forbes talked about Jobs' weight loss before the state of his health was widely known; it attributed some of his slenderness to a diet heavy on "dark green vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus, grilled or steamed."

Read more at EW -- or get it all by buying Isaacson's book.

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