Steve Jobs' 3-Minute iPad Pitch: Magical, Incredible, Unbelievably Great (VIDEO)


What does Steve Jobs really think of the iPad? When it comes to his 'latest creation,' the Apple CEO really doesn't mince words. created a mashup of the iPad keynote that's under 3 minutes long, but preserves 'all the important words' delivered at the unveiling.

Get ready for some liberal use of 'magical,' 'even better,' 'gorgeous,' 'awesome,' 'super,' 'extraordinary,' 'wonderful,' and 'terrific.'

The 180-second video clip--which doesn't repeat any footage--highlights just how many adjectives and superlatives Steve Jobs and his Apple cohorts like to use when showcasing their latest creation.

Check out Apple's iPad keynote, then compare it to Microsoft COO Kevin Turner's presentation to analysts in July 2009--more 'marketshare,' less 'magical.'


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