Steve Jobs Movie: Sony Acquires Rights To Walter Isaacson Book

Steve Jobs, The Movie: Sony To Make Film From Biography

Sony has acquired the film rights to "Steve Jobs," the upcoming biography of the late Apple co-founder, Deadline reports.

The book, written by Walter Isaacson, and set to be released on October 24th, is the only authorized biography of the tech and media visionary. It moved up to number one on's Best Sellers list.

Jobs had a profound impact on the film industry; his Apple products, especially the iTunes store and mobile multi-media devices, changed the way we consume film, while, as a founder of modern-era Pixar, he helped shepherd computer animation from fledgling art to the standard in the medium.

Once he sold Pixar to Disney in 2006, Jobs became the single largest shareholder in the Mouse House and member of its board of directors, making it perhaps curious that they did not buy the rights to the film.

Just when the film will be made is unclear; it may be too soon to make a biopic of the revered tech leader, though Sony may want to cash in on the massive outpouring of tributes that has followed his death.

In 1999, Jobs was played by Noah Wylie in the TV docudrama, "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

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