First Clip Of Steve Jobs Movie 'jOBS' Has Been Released -- And It's Not Half-Bad

With the premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic "jOBS" quickly approaching this month, its creators are doing something Apple never would: Pumping up excitement by offering a sneak-peak.

Ashton Kutcher, of That 70's Show and being-married-to-Demi-Moore fame, plays Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and he might make for a less obnoxious Jobs than we had previously thought based on the above clip, which was teased on a few sites on Thursday, including Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Weekly.

In the clip, Jobs, played by Kutcher, discusses a future filled with home computers with fellow future Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad). "Even if you were developing this for freaks like us -- and I doubt you are -- nobody wants to buy a computer," an incredulous Woz tells Jobs.

"How does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it?" Jobs snaps back. The dialogue is tight enough to make you think Aaron Sorkin wrote it. (He did not, though Sorkin is making his own Jobs biopic separate from Kutcher's and director Joshua Michael Stern's project.)

"jOBS" is being screened at Sundance and is scheduled to be released to the public on April 19.



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