Steve Jobs Dishes On The iPad, Disses Kindle (VIDEO)

Steve Jobs Dishes On The iPad, Disses Kindle (VIDEO)

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg got a chance to chat with Steve Jobs after the Apple iPad announcement.

The video of his interview captures Jobs dishing about the iPad--and dissing the Kindle. (see video below. The iPad talk starts around the 1m 55s mark.)

Mossberg asks why users would want to shell out $14.99 for an ebook on the iPad, when they can buy ebooks for Amazon's Kindle for $9.99.

Steve Jobs' retort: 'Well, that won't be the case.' Mossberg presses him on whether that means Apple's prices will go down, or Amazon's will go up, to which Jobs offers a cryptic, non-committal, 'The prices will be the same.' He also points out that publishers have been withholding content from Amazon.

Mossberg asks Jobs about the iPad's battery life, pointing out that its 10 hours of battery is puny next to the Kindle, which can go weeks without charging.

Jobs dismisses the comparison: 'Ten hours is a long time. You're not going to read for ten hours.'

He also says the device offers 140 hours of continuous music playback.

Gizmodo notes of Jobs' Kindle critique:

Most impressive to me is how dismissive jobs is of the only clear advantages Kindle has right now.

Mossberg ends the brief interview asking if he should write his review of the iPad on the new tablet. Jobs: 'Sure.'


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