Steve Jobs: 'Folks Who Want Porn Can Buy An Android Phone'

Steve Jobs Reiterates: 'Folks Who Want Porn Can Buy An Android Phone'

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, known for personally replying to users' email queries, has been firing off a string of replies in recent weeks.

Whether reminding would-be iPad buyers his team is "doing the best we can," suggesting Apple has trademarked the word "Pad," or suggesting a frustrated developer change his app's name, Jobs has been directly and tersely replying to customer concerns.

The latest email (reportedly) sent by the CEO addresses a touchy subject: Apple's oft-criticized app approval policy, and its ban on "adult" apps (the App Store recently yanked 6,000 "sexually suggestive" apps from iTunes).

Questioned over Apple's censorship of explicit content, Steve Jobs allegedly replied, "We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone," adding "Folks who want porn can buy and Android phone [sic]."

As TechCrunch notes, Jobs offered a similar reply at the Q&A following the iPhone 4.0 event:

You know, there's a porn store for Android. You can download nothing but porn. You can download porn, your kids can download porn. That's a place we don't want to go - so we're not going to go there.

The customer also asked about Apple's rejection of a satirical app submitted by Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore. Jobs openly admitted Apple was in error: "Fiore's app will be in the store shortly. That was a mistake," he wrote.

See the email exchange below (via 9 to 5 Mac:

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