We Are Steve Jobs

He said "point and click" and we all did. He said "pinch to make small," and we did. We did these things not because he told us to, but because he knew that we already wanted to.

He said we will carry our music in one place, and we did. He said we will download our entertainment, and we did. He said we could carry everything we need in the palm of our hands, and we did. He said that our technology should be a hub for all of our information, entertainment, and means of communication, and it should create an environment for us that feels comfortable, intuitive, seductive, and satisfying. He said we would not only desire that, we would not only embrace that, but we would ultimately require it. He said we would do those things and we did.

Steve Jobs hasn't merely created technology for us. He has created the way we interact with it, and in so doing he's recreated the way we live. I recognize that he's not dead and I'm not eulogizing, but this resignation means that this man has to do the unthinkable, for him and for us, which is to leave the place where he literally imagined us into changing the way we live our daily life.

We've evolved because of Steve Jobs. We see technology the way he sees it, and that's because he, like almost no one else, has always had a unique ability to see the world as we see it.