9 Surprising Facts About Steve Jobs From Isaacson's New Biography

9 Surprising Facts About Steve Jobs You Need To See

How Apple got its name, why Steve Jobs wore black turtlenecks and the bizarre interview questions the Apple CEO would ask job candidates: these are just a few of the revelations presented in Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs.

The 571-page book, out October 24, is based on more than a hundred interviews, including over forty with Jobs himself. It presents a riveting, detailed account of Jobs' personal and professional life, from his marriage and drug use to Jobs' take on other tech titans and the way he built Apple.

Reviewers have, thus far, had high praise for the book.

"In the end, it's a rich portrait of one of the greatest minds of our generation," writes the Associated Press' Barbara Ortutay. The New York Times' Janet Maslin argues that Jobs' life "calls for a book that is clear, elegant and concise enough to qualify as an iBio" and notes that Isaacson's "Steve Jobs" "does its solid best to hit that target." Though calling it "occasionally workmanlike," Entertainment Weekly's Tina Jordan compliments the book as "thoughtful," "broadly-sourced," and "thorough, filling in all the holes in Jobs' life."

Isaacson's "Steve Jobs" offers up new information about the tech visionary on virtually every page and we've compiled some of the most surprising, must-see tidbits about Jobs in the slideshow below.

How Apple Got Its Name

Isaacson's Steve Jobs Bio - Highlights

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