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Steve Jobs To Be Immortalized With Bronze Sculpture (VIDEO)

The passing of Steve Jobs left the world stunned. The Apple co-founder that introduced us to such revolutionary products such as the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone also helped to define the aesthetics of our ever-changing world. No matter how many innovations we can expect in a post-Jobs world, Apple will undoubtedly hold onto the pitch perfect synthesis of technology and design for quite some time to come.

As a tribute to the late Apple guru, Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth is constructing a larger-than-life bronze sculpture of Jobs commissioned by businessman Gabor Bojar. Bojar felt a special connection with Jobs ever since they met at technological conference some years ago.

The sculpture will feature Jobs in his trademark uniform: blue jeans and a turtleneck. Toth has also decided that Jobs' pose will mimic his emphatic keynote addresses and not a somber and static pose. Thankfully, Toth is set on portraying Jobs as the enthusiastically interactive figure that the world has come to know and greatly miss, not just another passing icon.

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