Steve Jobs' Turtlenecks: Iconic Style Of A Tech Legend (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Many Black Turtlenecks Of Steve Jobs

As the tech world looks back on all the iconic moments of Steve Jobs' professional tenure at Apple, we'd like to take a second to marvel at his style. It is sort of amazing that a man who brought so many innovative creations to the tech world and had little to do with fashion managed to develop, perhaps unconsciously, such an iconic style: when we think of Steve Jobs, we think of black turtlenecks.

Some have tried to mimic his sartorial simplicity (in June, when tech geeks figured out one of the sweater brand's Jobs wears, the company, VONROSEN, was flooded with orders), but few can recreate it.

So in honor of Steve Jobs' accomplished career, we've assembled a collection of the tech guru's best black turtleneck sweaters -- because you have to respect a man who, while trying to wear the most inconspicuous fashion possible, created a fashion all his own.

September 1, 1998

Steve Jobs Turtlenecks

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