Steve Kagen: My Favorite New Member

I saw this link on Drudge. Yes, I actually look at that once a day. Maybe twice.

Before the midterm election, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Steve Kagen at a fundraiser for his campaign. It was at the home of a lobbyist friend of mine. No. Not the Jack Abramoff kind of lobbyist. A lobbyist that actually has a conscience. I emailed him this link and he said he got the story first hand from Kagen himself. So, it's actually true and not some small town newspaper gossip. No offense to the Valley Scene.

Anyway, I had no idea that Dr. Kagen, now Congressman Kagen, was such a firebrand. This is something I might do if I saw Rove, Cheney, or Bush out at a bar late at night. However, he doesn't waste a single moment telling the Bushies who he is or what he wants to do. While semi-insulting them, he also tries to forge a coalition to accomplish something. Absolutely amazing. This is the kind of story his grandchildren can tell generations from now.

Be sure to go to the link and read the whole thing. You will love Congressman Kagen. I think he's awesome.