Steve Kerr Says It’s Hard To Look At His Daughter And Wife Following Trump’s Election

"This is a presidential election, it's not the 'Jerry Springer Show.'"

Steve Kerr “thought we were better than this.”

During a pre-game interview on Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors head coach said his biggest disappointment in the 2016 presidential campaign was the level of discourse, particularly that of President-elect Donald Trump.

“There should be some level of decorum and respect and dignity that goes with the election of the presidency,” Kerr said before a match-up with the Dallas Mavericks. “And it was like it went out the window.”

Kerr praised Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy, who made headlines earlier by sharing his disgust with Trump’s election.

The Warriors coach also offered his specific thoughts on the president-elect. 

“It’s tough when you want there to be some respect and dignity and there hasn’t been any. And then you walk into a room with your daughter and your wife, who’ve basically been insulted by his comments, and they’re distraught,” Kerr said. “And you walk in and you see the faces of your players, most of them who have been insulted directly as minorities, it’s sort of shocking. It really is. We talked about it as a team this morning. I don’t know what else to say.”

Bleacher Report’s Erik Malinowski shared a full transcript of Kerr’s remarks.