Steve King Goes On Climate Change Rant: 'It Felt Pretty Good To Get Warmed Up'

A day after claiming that climate change was more "a religion than a science," Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) reasserted that many scientists overreact when discussing the consequences of global warming.

“There’s bad and there’s good and we need to look at the bad and the good and be objective about it,” King said at an event in Carroll, Iowa, according to Iowa Horserace. “We’d probably raise a little more corn.”

King offered his own analysis of how global warming would likely lead to increased rainfall, perhaps helping crops in drought-prone regions, including Iowa.

“If [the temperature of the earth] went up, there’d be more evaporation of the 70 percent of the earth that’s covered by water," King said. "And so I know by Newton’s first law of physics, if it evaporates up, what goes up must come down, has got to come down in the form of rain. So if the earth is warm, it’ll rain more and more places.”

A recent NASA study showed that global warming will increase rainfall in already wet areas and exacerbate drought in dry areas. Dry areas will experience a 2.6 percent increase in time without rainfall, according to the study.

King said the public needs to focus on the positive aspects of climate change by joking.

“I spent a lot of my life cold, it felt pretty good to get warmed up,” King said.

Watch King's full speech above.



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