This Congressman Really Loves Confederate Flags, Hates 'Racist' Harriet Tubman Bill

It's 2016, but not if Rep. Steve King has anything to say about it!
Congressman Steve King is shown with a Confederate flag sitting on his desk.
Congressman Steve King is shown with a Confederate flag sitting on his desk.

To no one’s surprise, an Iowa congressman who complained about Harriet Tubman being the face of the new $20 bill, and who defended South Carolina’s display of the Confederate flag, has that very same racist flag sitting on his desk.

Rep. Steve King, an Iowan Republican (and not the guy who writes the scary books), has bravely decided to carry the mantle of racism in a state that directly fought against it. When a video featuring King aired Friday during a segment about immigration on a local news channel, a small Confederate flag could be seen on King’s desk, as the blog Iowa Starting Line points out.

Last year, less than a month after a gunman massacred nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina ― the accused killer, Dylann Roof, is an avowed white supremacist who has said he wanted to start a race war ― King argued that the Confederate flag displayed outside South Carolina’s Capitol should stay. The flag was eventually taken down.

In another act of petulant defiance, King filed legislation earlier this year to defund efforts to put Tubman ― an abolitionist who escaped from slavery and went on to free others ― on the $20 bill. He said that to put Tubman on the bill would be “racist” and “sexist,” Politico reported.

“It’s not about Harriet Tubman, it’s about keeping the picture [of former President Andrew Jackson] on the $20,” King told Politico last month. “Y’know? Why would you want to change that? I am a conservative, I like to keep what we have.”

At least he gets to keep his tiny little flag. That’ll show ‘em!



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