Steve King Eats Reindeer For Christmas

GOP Congressman Eats Reindeer For Christmas

As Santa made his way around the globe to deliver presents, one GOP congressman introduced a Christmas special into his diet.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) posted a photo to his Twitter account Wednesday morning, displaying a meal he had eaten in Oslo, Norway. Among the items on his plate was reindeer.

A few days earlier, King delivered his Christmas message to constituents, urging them to tell him what their #DCWishList was. King's own wish was "that we would all pull together to restore the pillars of American exceptionalism."

Watch King's full message below, via his YouTube account.

UPDATE (2:45 p.m. ET) -- According to CNN food editor Kat Kinsman, eating reindeer is "totally normal" considering where King is. Norway has a "robust wild reindeer population" and if grown in the wild "that's the most sustainably raised food that you can get."

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