Steve King: The Year In Crazy So Far! (PHOTOS)

Steve King: The Year In Crazy So Far! (PHOTOS)

Can we talk about Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) for a minute? For a long time, Steve King wasn't much more to America than a guy often confused for Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.). At times, this was understandable! But lately the former King is doing his level best to put an end to that, putting himself out there as the reigning King of the Cray-Cray.

In a way, this is the same as it ever was. In 2009, Steve King managed to draw attention to himself in many unique ways. There was that time, for instance, that he cast the lone vote against acknowledging that slaves played a role in the construction of the United States Capitol Building. He also strangely described gay marriage as a "purely socialist concept," perhaps referring to the fact that reality television had created emerging and important markets for heterosexuals to thoroughly debase themselves in public. He also assailed hate crimes legislation for protecting "sexual idiosyncrasies," no doubt out of nostalgia for a simpler time, when people with "sexual idiosyncrasies" were tied to fence posts and beaten.

Fellow bonkersauce all-star Michele Bachmann has vowed that she will not run for president unless called to do so by the Almighty, but she nevertheless sees a presidential run in King's future, saying that she "would encourage him to consider any position for higher office." I'd definitely wait for the Lord to weigh in on that, but in the meantime, with the always invaluable assistance of HuffPost's own Elyse Siegel and Nick Wing, let's enjoy the best of Steve King's recent brainstem eruptions. He could be positioning himself for a run! It just might be a run headlong at a wall, built by slaves.

Elyse Siegel and Nick Wing contributed to this post.

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