Steve Kornacki Explains Accidentally Drawing A Penis On Live TV

MSNBC's national political correspondent recalls his unintentionally NSFW map during the last presidential election.

Four years ago, after his graphics failed him amid that spring’s presidential primaries, the national political correspondent for MSNBC went from covering an election to an erection as his self-drawn map of the United States looked more like, well, something else ...

With the votes still being counted in this year’s presidential election, Kornacki hasn’t had much time to rest lately. But on Wednesday, he dropped by “The Tonight Show” to fill Jimmy Fallon in on everything that’s happening ― and to discuss that infamous phallacy.

“I got to tell you, Jimmy. I got in trouble on your show because of that telestrator a couple years ago because I was drawing on the map and you seemed to think it looked like part of the reproductive anatomy,” Kornacki said.

“We gotta make people laugh, you know? We both have jobs to do,” Fallon joked.

“I didn’t know I was making people laugh,” Kornacki replied.

And why would he? Kornacki is so into his job that he even missed becoming an internet darling for his tireless 2020 coverage. He did, however, take a moment recently to thank fans for all the love.

Maybe he was just making a sideways heart this whole time ...

... if that sideways heart also looks like a penis.

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