Steve Martin, Famous Artists Appraise Stephen Colbert's Portrait (VIDEO)

WATCH: Steve Martin, Famous Artists School Colbert On Art

On Wednesday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert welcomed the always funny Steve Martin to the show to have a frank discussion about art. Promoting his new art-centered novel "An Object of Beauty," Martin was given an art pop quiz by Colbert and then commissioned to appraise his prized "infinity shot" portrait that hangs on his set.

In this web-exclusive extended segment, Colbert gets Martin's initial appraisal and it isn't good. Martin values the framed portrait at $19 and adds, "that's if I wanted it." Luckily, Colbert had famed artists on set to add their own additions, which Colbert hoped would impress Martin enough to purchase the portrait. Starting with the father of minimalism Frank Stella giving it his approval, to Obey artist Shepard Fairey re-contextualizing it, and finally a controversial touch by Andres Serrano, Colbert's portrait goes from ink-jet disaster to a full-fledged masterpiece in under 15 minutes.


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