Steve Martin Plays The Banjo Really Well (VIDEO)

Steve Martin Plays The Banjo Really Well (VIDEO)

Steve Martin visited David Letterman Monday night and told him he had gripes that weren't covered by the apology the late-night host made earlier in the show to his wife.

"I'm upset with you for another matter," he said. "I was watching the show one night and saw Moammar Gadhafi's head on my body while I was playing the banjo. Don't you think you should call first?"

There is a clip of the Libyan dictator's head superimposed on Martin's body, then a clip of Martin playing banjo to a bored looking U.N. Back in the studio, Martin really plays the banjo for the audience and he's very good (he's headlining a banjo show at Carnegie Hall Tuesday night!) There are fireworks.

In the second segment Martin Short shows up, and Martin and Martin talk about getting colonoscopies together.


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