Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Spent His Weekend Calling Top Bank Execs Post Shutdown

He released a statement Sunday to assure Americans that there's nothing to worry about. Twitter users aren't buying it.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed that he called the heads of the six largest U.S. banks following a tumultuous week that saw a dive in the stock market and partial government shutdown

In a statement posted to Twitter on Sunday, Mnuchin said that each of the CEOs “confirmed they have ample liquidity for lending to consumer, business markets and all other market operations.”

Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s incoming acting chief of staff, on Sunday predicted the shutdown could continue into 2019

Mnuchin said during the shutdown, the Treasury “will have critical employees to maintain its core operations.”

“We continue to see strong economic growth in the U.S. economy with robust activity from consumers and business,” Mnuchin said. “With the government shutdown, Treasury will have critical employees to maintain its core operations at Fiscal Services, IRS, and other critical functions within the department.”

The treasury secretary spent some of his weekend attempting to reassure financial markets, particularly after reports surfaced that Trump was considering ousting Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

Despite his best efforts, Twitter users aren’t buying Mnuchin’s assurances that everything is fine.