Steve Nash Gets Keystone Light From Lakers Fans On Freeway (VIDEO)

Steve Nash may have heard that there was nothing quite like traffic in Los Angeles. But he had no idea.

Just days after officially joining the Los Angeles Lakers via trade, the two-time NBA MVP tweeted "LA, thanks for the warm welcome..."

After watching the video accompanying that message, one can only hope that the welcome was cold.

In the video, the 38-year-old point guard was riding in a taxi cab and received a single can of Keystone Light from a group of excited fans in an SUV while both vehicles were roaring down what appears to be a Southern California freeway conspicuously devoid of traffic.

Before landing in Los Angeles, Nash had admitted it would be hard to imagine himself wearing the purple and gold of his longtime rivals. But surely he won't have too hard a time getting used to these fans?

One of the Lakers fans in the car stocked with Keystone Light sent another angle of the video to Deadspin. CLICK HERE to see how this exchange went down from the other side.

For more on beer and the roadways of Los Angeles, watch this old Johnny Carson monologue:

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