Steve Nash Divorce: Lakers Player Involved In 'Bizarre' Custody Battle, According To TMZ

Lakers' Steve Nash Wages Bizarre Custody Battle

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash is embroiled in what TMZ described as a "bizarre custody fight" with his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla.

According to the celebrity news site, Amarilla wants to move from Arizona to LA with the couple's three children. But the NBA star is reportedly taking legal measures to ensure that does not happen. The news comes as a surprise considering that when Nash joined the Lakers, his agent said it was great for Nash because he'd be able to remain "close to his kids" (versus being traded to an east coast city, for example).

In November 2010, Nash -- who previously played for the Phoenix Suns -- announced that he and Amarilla were splitting up just one day after she gave birth to their third child. A month later, he filed for divorce from his wife of more than five years, requesting that the court honor a premarital agreement stating that he did not have to provide permanent spousal support to Amarilla.

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