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Steve Newman Skydives Naked To Save Rhinos (VIDEO)

Steven Newman loves rhinos so much that he's willing to skydive in 10-degree weather -- naked -- to save them from poachers.

When the 29-year-old gym manager began soliciting donations for a charity called "Skydive For Rhinos," he promised he would jump from a plane in the buff if he raised at least $10,000. If not, he would jump fully clothed.

He met his his goal, and took the nude leap over his home city of Cape Town, South Africa on September 22, World Rhino Day. Newman admitted he wasn't "all there" when he did it.

"At [10 degrees Fahrenheit], I don't think your winky is the biggest in the whole world," he told the syndicated TV show 'Right This Minute.' "The last thing, at 10-12,000 feet, that you're thinking about is your penis."

Newman was unsure how the instructor felt about falling to Earth with a naked guy.

"I felt some poking in my back, but I was hoping it was the harness," he told the show.

Despite the challenge of buck-naked skydiving, just one leap wasn't enough for Newman. "Straight after the jump I went straight back up and did it again," he said in an email to The Huffington Post. "I then tweeted and facebooked as much as I could to get exposure for the cause. I posted my naked pic coming out of the plane as my profile pic and it went mad."

The response was so positive that Newman plans to do a similar jump over Johannesburg, South Africa on Nov. 10.

"If I can help make a difference and all it takes is a little bit of effort, then that's what I'm going to do," he said.

According to an organization called The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving, each naked skydiver has his or her own reason for dropping their drawers before dropping from the skies.

"Why do we jump naked?" the organization's website asks. "The concise answer is 'Because we can.' Each individual jumper has their own specific reason for skydiving sans-jumpsuit. The fact of the matter is that whatever the reason, we have the ability and the fortitude to make that leap."

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