Steve Smith Talks Trash In Post-Game Interview (VIDEO)

Last night the Carolina Panthers upset the Minnesota Vikings in a surprisingly lopsided 26-7 victory. One of the stars of the night was Carolina's Steve Smith, who caught nine passes for 157 yards and one touchdown. During the post-game interview with Andrea Kremer, Smith directly addressed Vikings defensive back Benny Sapp, whom Smith called "22," Sapp's jersey number.

SMITH: 22 had something to say to me on the field. So, little youngster...

KREMER: What did he say?

SMITH: You know, just telling me who he is. So I just had to establish the rules and regulations of the game.

KREMER: Which were?

SMITH: Which was 89. Bottom line. That's why he goin' home.

89, of course, is Smith's own jersey number. Scroll down for the video.


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