Steve Stockman, GOP Congressman, Says Best Thing About Earth Is Oil (TWEET)

A Republican politician known for making controversial statements may have just raised the bar with a Tweet about global oil and gas consumption.

On Thursday, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) sent out a tweet stating the best thing about Earth is its oil.

The politician continued to focus much of his online energy targeting environmentalists and liberals, who he claims hate oil, gas and science.

While Stockman's "Best thing about the Earth" tweet was quickly parodied online, MSNBC notes that this is far from the most outrageous thing the Texan, who serves on the Science, Space and Technology Committee, has said.

In the past, the congressman has claimed that the “Violence Against Women Act” was a bad bill that helps “men dressed up as women.” He has also claimed that former President Bill Clinton staged the bloody Waco raid in order to gain support for an assault weapons ban.

And in 2009, Stockman called global warming a "new fad thing."

In an opinion piece on the Austin Statesman, the editorial board once quipped that the politician "rarely met a fact he’s willing to support."

Stockman "seems to relish the role of provocateur," Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald notes, and he may even be positioning himself to become "a new Michele Bachmann — someone equally loved on the far right and loathed on the left."

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