Steve Tisch: Giants' Anti-Domestic Violence Message 'Not Connected' To Greg Hardy

Hardy was found guilty of assault last year.

Remember when the New York Giants shined a light on domestic violence at their home game against the Dallas Cowboys back in October? It turns out that convicted abuser Greg Hardy's presence at the game was completely coincidental.

Although Hardy was there, preparing to take the field with his fellow Cowboys teammates, Giants co-owner Steve Tisch told HuffPost Live that the message was "not connected" to Hardy.

During a HuffPost Live interview about the new documentary "The Testimony," Tisch said he was "proud" that his team took a stance, but the choice to honor the Joyful Heart Foundation that day had nothing to do with Hardy, who was found guilty of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend in 2014.

"That was totally a coincidence. The timing was not connected to Greg Hardy playing in the Cowboys game that day, but because it was the time to say it, it was the time to do it and we had the perfect opportunity to do it that day," Tisch told Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani

Tisch said his organization has "aggressively" taken on the issue with its PSAs and lauded the steps the NFL has taken, as well. He explained:

The NFL has, in my opinion, taken a very positive step forward to not be reactive, but to be proactive. And the PSA that the Giants created is how the Giants organization, how ownership, how my partner John Mara, the coaches, the players, feel about this issue. And to sit back and react, I don't feel is appropriate. To have the forum to be proactive, to make a statement, to not only young athletes, but to really address the bigger issue is an opportunity we didn't want to miss.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Steve Tisch here.

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