Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder: 'I Say Poo-Poo' To Siri (VIDEO)

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, apparently doesn't think very highly of Siri, the company's voice-controlled virtual personal assistant.

"A lot of people say Siri. I say poo-poo," Wozniak told the Times Union during a visit to a horse farm in upstate New York.

According to the paper and the above video, Woz said that he was a huge fan of the program before Apple bought it in 2010, saying he was able to get great answers to questions like "What are the five largest lakes in California?" and "What are the prime numbers greater than 87."

"Then Apple bought Siri," he said. He then paused, lifted his right hand and gave it a big thumbs down.

"'What are the largest lakes in California?' I'd get all these lakefront properties. And I'd say 'What are the prime numbers greater than 87?' And I'd get prime rib," Wozniak said.

Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Tuesday that Siri, which is currently only available on Apple's latest iPhone model, will be available on the new iPad when it gets the iOS 6 update this fall. The app will also be updated to include information from Open Table, Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes, so users will be to use Siri to get restaurant and movie recommendations.

Apple also revealed that it's working on Eyes Free, a vehicle integration program for Siri. According to Engadget, Siri could be integrated with cars from a dozen manufacturers over the next year.

The Woz was in upstate New York for a very special reason, so read the full Times-Union article to find out why.