Steven Frank Steele, Teen Accused Of Robbing 7-11 With Chainsaw, Allegedly Wore Flower Pot On His Head

What a pothead!

An Australian teenager has been arrested for robbing a 7-11 gas station with a chainsaw while wearing a flower pot over his head.

Steven Frank Steele of Ipswich, Queensland, was arrested Monday morning after cops responded to a call from employees terrified by a man brandishing a chainsaw.

The suspect, identified by police as Steele, wore a flower pot over his head in an attempt to conceal his identity, the Queensland Times reported.

Steele allegedly lunged at the employees and damaged a window and several display racks with his power tool. He also flashed his buttocks. He allegedly stole a single bottle of soda before making his escape.

Police say Steele damaged a parked car while leaving the crime scene.

Steele was arrested a short time later after police saw him walking down the street. The chainsaw was found in a bush near a service station, reported.

Steele has been charged with multiple crimes, including one count of armed robbery, two counts of willful damage, and one count of public nuisance.

Investigators say Steele was drunk during the late-night rampage, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Steele isn't the only guy who allegedly used a chainsaw a bit excessively.

In October, Petr Svacha, a 36-year-old man in Zlin, Czech Republic, reportedly used a chainsaw to cut a hole into the front door of a restaurant so he could retrieve the dessert he wasn't allowed to finish at closing time.

Last June, Lynn Marie Herzog of Winfield, Mo., was accused of trying to scare children by approaching them with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask.



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