Steven Gambrel's 'Time And Place' Book Depicts Evolving Yet Timeless Design (PHOTOS)

It is not often that a home can be described simultaneously as timeless and fresh, but that is the magic of New York designer Steven Gambrel. His design book, entitled "Time and Place," displays Gambrel's ability to accurately represent a diverse range of homes and inhabitants in a style that remains consistent. The dedication to his book thanks his parents for a "childhood of art lessons, flea markets, endless construction projects at home, and tours of historic villages and abandoned houses." This distinct respect for history and exploration separates Gambrel from others in that he is both a designer and a bit of an archaeologist.

Part of the New York-based designer's works are modern experiments, and his fearless colors are as fresh as if they were just plucked from an orchard. Yet Gambrel embraces the history of the homes he works with by acknowledging the region and the time in which they were built. This respect for tradition allows him to be take risks with his personal touches: whether a marbled abstract painting, a tangled tree trunk piece or a lighthouse lens turned lantern. He can make a bookshelf look like a candy shop and a bedroom feel like an ocean shore. Gambrel mixes fine taste with the taste for experimentation, making his rooms cultivated spaces where past and present can live in harmony.

See a slideshow of his work below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Steve Gambrel