Timeline Of The Steven Hayne-Michael West Era In Mississippi

Steven Hayne and Michael West have been serving as expert witnesses in the courtrooms of Mississippi (and to a lesser degree, Louisiana) for more than 20 years, despite ongoing questions about their credentials, practices and testimony. Though West no longer testifies and Hayne no longer performs autopsies for prosecutors, Hayne still takes the stand when appeals courts order new trials in older cases. He also occasionally testifies for the defense and in civil cases. There are still a number of people in prison whose convictions were based primarily on testimony from the two men, including four on death row.

Here, drawn from court records, source documents, original reporting, and prior media accounts, The Huffington Post presents a timeline of key events and notable cases in this story. Read the accompanying article on the murder of Kathy Mabry, and Hayne and West's involvement in the investigation, here.