Steven Lynn, Arkansas Man, Sees His House Getting Burglarized During Airplane Fly-Over (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Sees His House Getting Burglarized During Airplane Fly-Over

They say someone up there is watching -- and sometimes that someone is you.

Steven Lynn was on his first small airplane ride when he thought it would be nice to grab a few aerial photographs of his Arkansas house. That's when he noticed some unusual activity on his property. According to an Associate Press report, Lynn quickly realized that someone was burglarizing his home.

"When I took him over his house, there were a couple of guys loading up a bunch of stuff," David Hudson, the plane's pilot, told KAIT8. "I was like, someone is stealing stuff down there."

But Lynn was far from helpless. Hudson began following the escaping burglars from the air, giving police directions and information on their every move. Roosevelt Smith III and Joseph Peel, the two suspects, were eventually stopped and arrested right before -- make that below -- the homeowner's eyes.

The pair were charged with residential burglary and theft of property, KAIT 8 reports.

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