Steven Seagal And Maricopa County Sued For Killing Puppy While Filming Reality TV Show In Arizona

Look out Steven Seagal! A Phoenix man is out for justice, suing the action film star and the Maricopa County sheriff's department for killing his puppy during the taping of a reality TV show.

The unlucky dog was marked for death while cameras taped a raid on Jesus Sanchez Llovera's home in March by sheriff's deputies and camouflage-clad Seagal, who rode in a tank for an episode of "Steven Seagal: Lawman", TMZ reported.

Llovera's 11-month-old hound wasn't hard to kill. The lawsuit said that the dog was shot while the police and Seagal overtook his home in a hunt for an alleged illegal cockfighting ring, The Associated Press repored.

Anyone who saw the bust could have thought that Llovera was under siege. Deputies in armored cars blew out his windows and knocked down the gate outside his property, according to The Wrap. More than 100 hens and roosters were on deadly ground that day and were euthanized, The Wrap said.

"Animal cruelty is one of my pet peeves," Seagal told TV station ABC-15.

Did the martial arts fanatic and Dalai Lama supporter act like he was above the law? Llovera apparently thinks so. He wants $25,000 for emotional distress, humiliation and property damage, The Arizona Republic said. He's demanding a written apology from Arpaio too, the newspaper said.

See Seagal in action: