Steven Seagal Sued For Killing Puppy, 'Overkill' Arrest On Reality Show 'Lawman'

Steven Seagal, Sheriff Sued For 'Overkill' Arrest In Tank

Steven Seagal is now under siege for allegedly acting above the law -- and we're not just throwing around his movie titles.

The 59-year-old action movie star was slapped with a lawsuit this week after using a tank to knock down an Arizona man's wall and arrest him, while starring as a deputy for a reality TV show.

When the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office suspected that Jesus Llovera was raising roosters for cockfighting, deputies sent in a SWAT team, a bomb robot and a tank.

Llovera, on probation for a previous cockfighting charge, was surprised when he woke up to a tank demolishing his wall, and even more surprised to see that the driver was Seagal, the Arizona Republic reported.

"I looked up and saw his face," Llovera, 43, told the paper. "It was strange."

Seagal's camp was filming the melee and Llovera's arrest for "Steven Seagal: Lawman." Now Llovera is trying to get some lethal justice (sorry for all the movie references) by suing both the sheriff and the actor for unspecified damages.

Llovera says his 11-month-old hound was shot to death in the arrest, which he claims was made just to boost the show's ratings.

"At the end of it, I realized it was a show," Llovera told the paper. "What they showed up for was to make a show, and they made one."

See Steven Seagal on set at Llovera's home in the video below.

The sheriff's office maintains that the arrest would have been made with or without the camouflage-clad Seagal.

Robert Campos, Llovera's attorney says it was "still overkill, and that's the whole point" of the lawsuit.

That episode of "Lawman" was scheduled to premiere in January on the A&E network, but the season was pulled and erased from the channel's website.

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