Steven Spielberg To Direct Moses Film 'Gods And Kings': Report

Steven Spielberg Directing Epic Religious Film?

Steven Spielberg could write the bible about filmmaking. Now, he may make a film about the Bible.

Earlier this fall, it was reported that the Oscar-winning director was interested in directing, "Gods and Kings," a biopic that told Moses' entire life story. A sweeping narrative about the biblical figure's birth through death, which would include the story of the Jews' emancipation from Egypt and years in the desert, the word from from Twitch Film is that the film's production home, Warner Brothers, has entered into formal talks with Spielberg to helm the project.

After taking a few years off, Spielberg has two major films coming out this winter: a live action motion-capture adaptation of European comic hero "Tintin," which is already a hit overseas; and "War Horse," an adaptation of the hit play about a horse who braves his way through World War I. He's currently shooting another major biopic, this one of President Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis.

If this comes to pass, it is likely to be much more widely accepted and enthused about by the general public than another Old Testament film adaptation; eyebrows were raised, to say the least, when it was revealed that Mel Gibson was working on a film about Judah Maccabee.

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