Stevie Nicks at a "Crossroads": Playlist for a Harmonic Convergence With Lady A

There are artists who go in and out of style. Then there are artists who define their own style. Stevie Nicks is one of those unique and singular sensations who come from the heart and somehow reside there forever. Stevie was the second woman who I ever loved from a distance -- right after Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched. Clearly, I have a thing for sexy witchy women. Having had the great pleasure of getting to know Stevie and work with her on various projects over the years, including writing the liner notes to the recent 35th anniversary Expanded Edition of Fleetwood Mac's timeless "Rumours," I love her even more now.

This Friday night CMT is airing one of their best "Crossroads" shows ever -- one that brings Stevie together with Lady Antebellum for what is a true harmonic convergence. I'm happy to note that Stevie is on a quite a roll these days. Her most recent solo album "In Your Dreams" produced by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard was arguably her best since her first, "Bella Donna." Of course, Stevie's current tour with Fleetwood Mac finds her and my longtime musical hero Lindsey Buckingham working together at the height of their powers. Standing at a crossroads when other artists their age are beginning to toss in the towel artistically, Stevie -- and Lindsey -- remain wonderfully engaged and extraordinary singer-songwriters here and now. So in anticipation of Friday's "Crossroads" on CMT featuring Stevie and Lady A, here are my current Favorite Stevie Recordings with and without Fleetwood Mac. As always, please feel free to argue with me and add your own Stevie Nicks favorites below. And thanks so much Stevie for draggin' our musical hearts around so well for so long.

"LONG DISTANCE RUNNER" - Buckingham Nicks
"CRYING IN THE NIGHT" - Buckingham Nicks
"LANDSLIDE" - Fleetwood Mac
"RHIANNON" - Fleetwood Mac
"GOLD DUST WOMAN" - Stevie Nicks
"SILVER SPRINGS" - Fleetwood Mac
"SARA" - Fleetwood Mac
"STORMS" - Fleetwood Mac
"INSIDER" - Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
"STAND BACK" - Stevie Nicks
"GYPSY" - Fleetwood Mac
"SEVEN WONDERS" - Fleetwood Mac
"BLUE DENIM" - Stevie Nicks
"THROWN DOWN" - Fleetwood Mac
"SAY YOU WILL" - Fleetwood Mac
"ITALIAN SUMMER" - Stevie Nicks
"ANNABEL LEE" - Stevie Nicks
"SOLDIER'S ANGEL" - Stevie Nicks featuring Lindsay Buckingham
"FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH" - Stevie Nicks